Which is the Best Online Casino in UK

The fact you are here suggests to me that you are UK based and you are looking for a really good casino to try. Online casinos offer some great games and many of the ones we highlight here are really popular with UK sports and casino punters.

To answer your question “Which is the Best Online Casino in the UK” we believe that the best online casino in 2021 is 888casino.com. We have researched literally hundreds of different online and live casinos and reviewed them to come to this conclusion.

So why is 888Casino our top pick?

A little further down this page you’ll find the different factors that we take into account when we review an online casino. But here first is what we like about 888casino.com.

Great online Slots Games. Very popular amongst a lot of casino players slot games are a big draw and at 888 they have some really good fun slot games to play. Their choice is extensive, and we can’t pretend to have tried them all but of the ones we’ve tried we like Starburst and Rainbow Riches in particular. If you are a bit of a slot machine geek, like us at BBetting, then you’ll like their old-school retro slots.

Their graphics are top notch, and even the sound effects are impressive and believe me when you’ve spent the amount of time we have playing casino games, it takes a lot to impress us. They also have some very good progressive jackpots. Two of their biggest jackpot games are the “Millionaire Genie” jackpot slot machine and the “Pirates Millions”.

Apart from their impressive progressive jackpots their daily jackpots have guaranteed pay-outs on the timer.

Casino Games. They have all the games you’d expect roulette, blackjack, video poker, scratch cards, baccarat and keno. I’m not sure how popular baccarat is these days, but it is an option on 888.

Roulette. I’m a roulette player myself and they have several options and stake levels to choose from at 888 and I do like to play with “real dealers” in the “Live Casino” section.

Which is the Best Online Casino

Top Roulette Tip. This relates to every casino in the world live or online so if you don’t normally play roulette please read this. You should ALWAYS play on a table with one zero (The classic original type of roulette known as European roulette) do not play on tables with two zeros (American roulette).

With 1-36 and one zero the casinos edge is a mere 2.7% as opposed to 5.26% with a double zero wheel.

Also, it is worth looking for roulette that has a generous “surrender rule”. The surrender rule relates to even money bets, like red/black or odd/even etc when the ball lands in zero or double zero if you are daft enough to play a double zero table.

If for example you wager £10 on Red and it lands on zero (neither red, nor black) the most generous thing they can do is effectively let you keep your £10. Some casinos take 50% so you’d lose £5 and worst-case scenario some casinos take it all. I think taking it all is a rip off.

When it comes to the house edge having a generous surrender rule does make a big difference for your chances and it means that players like me who like to get good “value” will always play those roulette wheels and avoid the less scrupulous operators.

So, to summarise my top roulette tip, one zero good, two zeros bad. Check the surrender rules before playing.

Blackjack. Not for me personally but for many blackjack is their game of choice. I’ll be honest I’m not that good at blackjack and there are many players out there who are skilled at the game and have a strategy that can increase their win rate chances over someone like me.

Black jack AMAZON

888 have “Classic”, “American” and “Multihand Blackjack” which even I thought was fun because you can play three hands at once!  

Cards. They (888) have several great card games to choose from, poker and baccarat. With poker they have video poker, which can be 5-card draw, deuces wild and Caribbean. Go head to head against the video poker machines to get the best hands in all these top casino games.

888 Jackpots. I won’t put figures in this review as they can change regularly as new promotions are launched on a regular basis and I’d be updating this every week or so. Some of the eye-catching ones currently are the progressive jackpots. These can grow to staggering proportions as they take a small % of all the real money bets on those progressive slot machines and it goes into a giant pool for some lucky winner.

Then you get the “daily jackpots” which are not nearly as big but can still be the size of a year’s wages to most people and these paid out every day. It just makes you realise how many people are playing on 888 every day.

888 VIP Casino Club. This is the 888 rewards system and is a nice way to reward loyal players. They offer a variety of promos and events. You can qualify for various VIP days out, weekend trips and events like concerts and sports events.

888 Holdings plc. 888 is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is regulated and licensed by the laws of Gibraltar and the UK operation (888 UK Limited) although incorporated in Gibraltar licensed and comes under the regulatory structure of the GB Gambling Commission.

So all of the above helped us to come to the conclusion that currently 888casino is the best UK online casino currently. Read on to fully understand our full review process.

What did we consider when reviewing?

We look at a variety of factors to come up to our decision including.

Functionality. By that we mean how good is the website, is it fast to load, is it easy to use and navigate around the website and does it work well on all platforms such as a PC, Tablet and Mobile device? Five or six years ago this wouldn’t even be a consideration but now over three quarters of all players use their mobile phones to play casino games at least some of the time.

Bonuses. Let’s be honest there are lots of things that might make you like or not like one casino over another but how much you can win has to be right up there as one of the crucial factors. So, what we looked at was bonuses from two different angles.

As a new player will you get some nice sign-up bonuses and equally if not more important is going forward long-term what rewards do loyal customers get? We considered both these two aspects when we reviewed each casino. A big thing we like to consider when reviewing casino bonusses is, are they allocated fairly?

By that we mean do they only give big bonusses to big customers, with a fat wallet, or those that deposit repeatedly on a regular basis. We don’t think that is at all fair, so we look for companies that offer all players regular bonuses regardless of the size of their account balance.

The other, often overlooked, crucial factor when it comes to casino bonuses is any validation terms put in place. By validation we mean if they say you can have £100 in Free Bets so long as you wager that amount through 20 times and put a short time frame on that requirement.

If you must wager 20 x £100 to get a free £100 then in truth the bonus is no good, you’d be better off without it. We prefer bonuses that do not come with unrealistic validation criteria slapped on them. We like free spins on slot machines that really are free. Obviously, a good sign up bonus is always tempting but see what the wagering requirements are, because unscrupulous casinos will make it so it’s almost impossible to clear the bonus out and still be in profit.

Game Choices. Variety is the spice of life so what range of games do these online casinos offer and does it offer a particular game that you prefer? If you already play casino games, then you probably already have a favourite game to play.

But for newer players it is nice to know what games are the most popular with regular players.

Either way if you like a particular type of game like slot machines then there are literally hundreds of variations to choose from. Also, when it comes to table games do you like totally online play, or do you like to see a live dealer even though you are playing remotely?

Relaxed and Fun. We all know that we can’t win all the time when playing casino games, but we still do it anyway. Why do we do that? It’s because we view playing slots or blackjack etc as our entertainment and so long as we are playing with money that we can afford then why shouldn’t we?

Trustworthy/Secure. Is the casino fully regulated and will they treat you fairly? From time-to-time customers will have complaints about companies the world over so if you are a customer of an online casino what is their customer service like? Would they deal with you in an honest and timely manner? Can you get hold of someone quickly 24/7?

We do consider this side of things to be important when we look at companies. Any casino we list here offers has “data protection” protocols in place so that your private and banking information is safe.

All the ones we list will have them but if you visit an online casino you find from a different source than here, make sure they have an SSL certificate (the little padlock at the top left by the web address of the site). Sites without that are not secure. While having an SSL certificate doesn’t guarantee safety, there are other factors to consider, if they don’t have one steer clear for sure.

Properly regulated UK Gambling operations will come under the “Gambling Commission” they cover all UK Bookmakers offices, land-based casinos, the National Lottery etc and their mission is to try and raise industry standards. They do their best protecting under aged and vulnerable gamblers and deter money launderers/criminals from trying to use gambling to further their dishonest money-making schemes.

The other strong industry regulator is the Malta Gambling Authority. As with any company you can’t trust them 100% just because they are regulated by the Gambling commission or Malta gambling authority because anyone can start doing dodgy things but at least you know they will have to meet certain standards to be accepted for a license in the first place and of course those licences can be taken away if the casinos standards drop.

Photo by Kvnga on Unsplash

So as a rule of thumb always remember that if you were a top-notch trustworthy casino operation you would be happy to register with one of the top two gambling authorities. So our advice is always steer clear of anyone not registered. Really crooked online casinos will say they are registered but a top-notch gambling authority when they aren’t. We always check the register to make sure they are before listing them here.

It's worth remembering that in most countries throughout the world online gambling is illegal. Countries like the UK, France, Germany more than a hundred more consider it illegal. Luckily for us in the UK online gaming, with things like poker, casino games and horse racing etc is legal.

Deposit/Withdrawal. I don’t think we’ve ever found an online casino that makes it difficult to deposit money but there are plenty of companies that we wouldn’t list here who make getting your money out as hard as getting blood out of a stone.

We recommend you always check what ID requirements are needed to withdraw before you even deposit. All too often people deposit (quick and easy) then when they win big and want to withdraw, they discover all of a sudden, the casino is asking them to jump through hoops asking for all this ID stuff that was never mentioned when you joined.

The fact is, it is always in the small print, but they don’t insist on it when you deposit but certainly will if you drop a big jackpot.

Assuming you’ve done ID and stuff and they are happy with that we also look into what we think is a reasonable time for them to process pay-outs under normal everyday circumstances and how soon the payment should show in your account. Most big UK firms these days process withdrawals more or less instantly, and so they should.

Always double check to see if you have to pay any fees when you deposit/withdraw. Less likely if you use their standard currency but if you deposit in ponds and want to withdraw in dollars what exchange rate is it based on?

Language Options. Even though you are UK based what if English isn’t your first language? Well, some online casinos have multiple options for you to change the language to one which is preferable to for you.

Is your Location Acceptable? Even though you may wish to play on UK regulated website you yourself might not be based in the UK. Before you deposit and start playing you really should make sure that you are in a country that can legally use their site. If you can’t easily find the T&C’s then most sites will have a “Live Chat” just ask them because it may save you a lot of wasted time.

Customer Support. The best online casinos should have as a prerequisite fast, friendly, efficient customer support on tap 24/7. There should also be a variety of ways open to you to access that support. I prefer live chat so I can actually be on the page I have a query about whilst interacting with the casinos customer service department.

Other popular methods are Social Media (I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter) and via telephone. Email seems terribly slow these days compared to other options but if your enquiry needs a considered response rather than an instant “I can’t log in” type of need then email can be good.

Do not be afraid to share feedback or offer suggestions that could improve your user experience, because the good firms are always looking to improve. Emailing every week saying give me bigger bonusses probably will be politely replied to but basically ignored, but if you can suggest something that will improve game play without costing them lots of money they will listen.

Best Casino sites UK: No Deposit

It isn’t always about the money, we also look for great casinos you can play at online without depositing money.

Our Casino Reviews

We are passionate about the reviews we write, and this list will be checked on a regular basis as new casino offerings come onto the market or there are changes to existing ones. The reason we keep checking on an ongoing basis is because we want to ensure the opinions, we give are accurate, relevant and up to date. We want to find you the best online gambling sites in the UK, and keep you up to speed with new casino sites in the UK.

We will not just slap up a long list and call it “Top 100 online casinos” in the hope you’ll open an account with one of them, who will then pay us a commission*. We only list casinos we have checked and feel offer potential customers the value for money they deserve and the safety that adhering to the UK casino guidelines brings you.

BBetting offers honest and trustworthy reviews and that means that people return to us again and again for further help.

Online Casino Growth

Casinos have been around for years, long before the internet was even invented, and they have always been a place of enjoyment for people but if you didn’t live within easy reach of one then they were pretty well, off limits.

With the introduction of the internet suddenly easy access to traditional casino games was not determined by where you lived. This brought an enormous boost in growth for the industry, but with it a new responsibility to ensure that online access was properly controlled to over 18’s and with proper “responsible gambling” protocols in place.

Biggest Jackpots

I wrote that heading to make sure I got your attention. Look every month someone in an online casino will drop a big jackpot but you should not be playing if that is all you are hoping for.

Life changing money is a dream but that’s all it is for most so please be sensible and treat it like a fun entertaining pastime not a money-making scheme or you will end up disappointed. Carefully managing your money, what pro poker players and exchange traders call “bankroll management” is crucial. Set a sensible budget to play with each month and treat it like entertainment money like you would putting aside money for cinema/meals out etc.

If at any time when you are playing you start to get a bad feeling you are losing more than you can really afford, please stop immediately. Visit the “Gamble Aware” site just to see what they suggest. Don’t suffer in silence get help from a trusted friend or family member.

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