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These tips can really help you build up quite a size-able bankroll using free bets and sign up bonuses, before you move on to more advanced techniques.
Betting Pointers for Beginners


If your new to betting in general or maybe you've been betting on one sport and you're thinking of trying something new, then this is for you.

We can help give you some of the basics so you can avoid those costly newbie errors.


OK so for those who have paid their dues but are now looking to adopt some methods that can increase your long term profitably.
Intermediate Betting Strategies
Advanced Techniques for Pros


If your dream is to make a living from sports trading then this will show you what is required and give you an action plan that you can follow.

What is bBetting all about?

Is it possible to make money from Sports Betting? Well we know it is and here at bBetting we aim to guide you on the road to betting and sports trading success.

Here we give you some valuable pointers and the answers to many of the questions you might have about sports books and the world of betting.

We will also give our thoughts on online casino games and how they fit into the market post Covid-19.

If you are an experienced gambler, but like most you are a long-term consistent losing punter then here we can at least show you where the value is.

We don’t give tips or anything like that but if you are planning of backing a horse or a football team at 3.0 with a traditional high street or track-side bookmaker why not back it at 3.80 via an online market?

It doesn’t improve the chances that it will win but when you do back a winner you will be getting the biggest price possible. That means your profit and loss (PNL) will be better. That’s just common sense right?

So we will show you the value first of all, then secondly we will show you how to make a guaranteed profit without risk by using FREE BETS that you get from sign up and/or re-load offers.

This is a technique called Matched Betting and it is risk and tax free. Sadly there is a point where you have used up all the best offers and after a period of winning consistently your bookmaker accounts will all be restricted. (Gubbed)

For many though matched betting is proving to be a nice second income, bringing in a steady £300 - £500 per month. Once you’ve cracked that you can then look at moving up to being a real professional “trader” who makes a living trading on the Betfair Exchange markets.

There is no gubbing on the exchange and top traders earn HUGE amounts of money from it. Unlike matched betting, that you can learn how to do successfully in an afternoon, trading on the exchange takes at least 6 months to master and awful lot of hard work to master.

If you want to read a great blog by someone called Dave Griffiths (AKA Run Like a Drain) who started trying to learn about “In-Running” trading on horse races then read his blog posts from 31st Oct 2019 onward.

Dave is very honest about his trading “journey” and posts wins and losses in his monthly updates.

If you’ve never heard of “In-Running”, because you’ve never used a betting exchange, they trade horse races as they are actually running round. Not for the feint hearted but the successful traders are earning the sort of money that most of us only dream of.

You will find Dave's updates very interesting if you are considering trying to master sports trading on the exchanges.

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